The CuttingAge Solutions

SHR considers ‘Training’ an integral and necessary part of its Human Resources Development universe. Training is the fabric which holds human asset management together. Our training programs are geared to address senior managers, middle level managers, junior executives as well as front line staff.

SHR goes to great lengths to ensure that the training modules and workshops, designed and implemented by their team, are relevant, practical, effective and well organized. The curriculum is created, keeping the customer’s requirement in mind. SHR’s resource base and domain knowledge are a result of the years of real time experience of its core team as well as associate consultants.

SHR encourages its customers to work with them on long term sustainable programs, which not only ensure continuity, affectivity and re-usability but also ensure that their efficacy can be monitored and measured. Our team is capable of putting together customized modules to suit your requirements at fairly short notice, as some of our customers will endorse.

Some of our Core programs cover the following topics:

  • • Lateral Thinking
  • • Stress Management
  • • Time Management
  • • Internal Customer Satisfaction
  • • Motivation
  • • Customer Relations
  • • Ethics and the Organization
  • • Personality Development
  • • Basic Life Support
  • • Managing Work Pressure
  • • Body Language
  • • Social Etiquettes