Staff Leasing Practice

In the times of bottom line performance parameters, it is the need of the hour to view every cost that can be amortized or cut with a direct impact on the bottom line. The increases need, for business drivers, to be free of encumbrances that could curtail their effectiveness or increases the costs, it being felt across the business environment.

SHR & IT Services ., a proprietorship firm in India, has realized the potential of this service and the need to be flexible, so as to be able, to cater to its diversified client base. The need to be able to manage the varying quality parameters is the crux of the business and SHR understands the importance of this criterion.

Staff leasing is a co-employment relationship between a company, SHR and the employee, where in SHR assumes responsibility for obligations related to Recruitment, Human Resources, Payroll & Benefits, Insurance, Statutory Compliance, Employment Taxes, etc.

ProcessStaff Leasing

Staff Leasing options can be structured based on the specific need of the clients and some of the key options are:

  • Transition client identified candidates on to SHR’s rolls
  • Recruit and Lease employees as per client assignment
  • Part time staffing